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W-DMX Whitebox R-512 G4 W-DMX Whitebox R-512 G4

W-DMX Whitebox R-512 G4

W-DMX Whitebox R-512 G4
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The W-DMX™ WhiteBox series is our solution for architectural and entertainment projects that require the reliability and ease of use of W-DMX™ products, in a weatherproof IP-65 rated casing.

The W-DMX™ WhiteBox contains features to ensure top-notch reliability, including Adaptive Frequency Hopping to dynamically avoid interference from other radios in the vicinity with no configuration or re-configuration over time, as the system adapts to its surroundings in real time.  The units are dual band 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz units, meaning ever more reliability and robustness in any environment. WhiteBox also include our advance functions from the W-DMX™ G4 of Data-Safe with automatic error correction and Invisi-Wire. 

Built to be installed on the exteriors of buildings, large
structures, or anywhere exposed to the elements, the WhiteBox series works tirelessly day in, day out to transmit or receive your DMX, RDM and Ethernet signals around installations, be it the outside of a building, over rivers and even across buildings.  The units can even be supplied by PoE when transmitting Streaming ACN, Art-Net or other Ethernet based lighting data, allowing the data backbone in any installation to power your wireless system.

With a range of IP-65 antennas available that have proven compatibility with the WhiteBox series, and on-site support services, Wireless Solution can not only supply the whole range of Wireless equipment to an outdoor project, but also support to ensure that the installation is completed without any problems.  Backward compatibility with the W-DMX™ G3 range of products mean existing installations can be expanded with ease.

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