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HDJ-2000MK2 - K-Svart

HDJ-2000MK2 - K-Svart
Artnr T-D18027
3325,00 SEK
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Sound quality optimised for pro-DJ monitoring
The HDJ-2000MK2s are designed for dance music, with a 38 μm-thick diaphragm, 50 mm drivers, and precision-rolled voice coil to ensure outstanding resolution and high-fidelity frequency response of 5 Hz to 30,000 Hz. Distortion is eliminated even at top volumes thanks to a robust build and the capacity for 3,500 mW of input.

50 mm Driver unit
50 mm Driver unit

Improved sound isolation for perfect clarity in loud environments
Innovative low-volume air chambers provide maximum insulation, reducing external noise in the mid to low frequencies (300 Hz to 1,600 Hz) by 7 dB compared to the original HDJ-2000s. This and the ear pads’ damper and airtight stitching ensure clarity for ease-of-monitoring without needing to crank up the volume in loud clubs.

Lightweight and comfortable for prolonged use
The HDJ-2000MK2s have been carefully designed to maximise DJs’ comfort. A thinner, lightweight magnesium alloy is used on the headband and hanger to reduce pressure on the DJ’s head. Ear pads made with soft synthetic leather and low-rebound urethane memory foam ensure a snug fit for ultimate comfort and sound quality.

Lightweight and comfortable design for prolonged use
Lightweight and comfortable design for prolonged use

Soft and snug fit ear pads for ultimate comfort
Soft and snug fit ear pads for ultimate comfort

Comes with hard carry case and handy accessories
The HDJ-2000MK2s come with a custom-designed hard zip up carry case for added protection on the road. The case’s internal pockets are the perfect place to store the two provided cables (one 1.6 m straight and one 1.2 m curled cord) and 6.3 mm jack.

Hard carry case
Hard carry case

Rotatable housing with auto-return supports multiple monitoring styles
Each ear cup swivels by 90 degrees to support various styles of monitoring, and the auto-return feature makes them ideal for DJs who prefer on-the-shoulder monitoring. One-ear monitoring is a breeze with the headphones’ flexible headband. And a lock mechanism holds a DJ’s preferred style to stop unwanted movement during use.

Solid build to withstand the rigours of professional use
An L-type mini-jack stops the headphones getting knocked or disconnected during performance, even in cramped booths. At the headphone end, a detachable mini-XLR connector means cables can easily be removed for transit or replaced if damaged. Plus, the foldable structure makes the headphones easy to transport between gigs.

Mini XLR terminal
Mini XLR terminal

Type Circumaural, closed-back dynamic headphones
Frequency response 5 ~ 30,000 Hz
Impedance 32 Ω
Output sound pressure level 107 dB/mW
Maximum input power 3,500 mW
Unit aperture φ50 mm domes
Connection cord 1.2 m side-mount curled cord (3.0 m when extended)
1.6 m twist-sheathed straight cord
Plug φ 3.5 mm stereo mini plug (gold plated, screw)
Weight 298 g (not including cord)
Accessories φ 6.3 mm stereo plug adapter (gold plated, screw-type)
Hard carry case

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