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CDJ-2000NXS Nexus

CDJ-2000NXS Nexus
Artnr T-D11142
19375,00 SEK
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Youtube-klipp där Laidback Luke visar var skåpet ska stå med hjälp av den nya CDJ-2000 Nexus

The CDJ-2000nexus opens up a new realm of possibilities during performance, with the addition of four-deck rekordbox Beat Sync. Dedicated controls for Master and Sync let you choose which new songs are automatically beat-matched to the master deck. DJs can now focus on taking their performance to new heights through their mastery of loops, cues and new live edit functions, all perfectly in sync.

“Finally true quantization comes to hardware users, opening up possibilities for those who want to retain traditional DJing methods but with the advantages of technology,” James Zabiela.

The hugely popular Slip Mode is an essential performance tool that takes the risk out of using remix functions such as loop, scratch and reverse. DJs can create live edits while Slip Mode keeps the music playing muted in the background, bringing it back in when the edit is finished. Another new feature is Active Loop; DJs can use rekordbox to set automatic loops in any track. So DJs can extend part of a track, never miss a trick, or prolong the end of a song so the music never runs out unexpectedly. 

Pioneer has also added new Quantize functions. So as well as snapping all cue and loop points to the rekordbox beat grid, Hot Cues and Hot Loops can now be triggered in perfect time with the music. A dedicated Quantize button makes it easy to switch between ‘free’ or ‘quantized’ playback, giving DJs the choice to express themselves in the best way for each performance. Automatic recall of Hot Cues and Hot Loops makes the whole creative process even more fluid. 

The CDJ-2000nexus
 makes mixing in-key effortless. Tracks are analysed by rekordbox and the CDJ-2000nexus browser incorporates a simple traffic light system that shows you which songs will mix well with the master deck. This works hand in hand with Master Tempo, which changes the music speed without altering its pitch. DJs will notice a significant improvement in quality and it now works without artefacts up to ±16%. 

The large, full-colour screen now features rekordbox Wave Display and Wave Zoom to provide a much better view of the music, and lets DJs edit beat grids directly on the players. Browsing music is even more intuitive, with the option to view tracks in list, artwork or customisable formats. The screen shows a host of mixing tools that can be pre-set in rekordbox, such as Beat Countdown and Phase Meter.

The CDJ-2000nexus retains all the popular features of the CDJ-2000, such as the 206mm jog wheel and the ability to edit playlists on the fly. And, naturally for Pioneer professional products, the highest possible sound quality and robust build come as standard. 


World’s first DJ player to be compatible with mobile devices, by USB or Wi-Fi
Pioneer’s rekordbox DJ software has already revolutionised set preparation with its indispensible features such as BPM analysis, beat grid, Hot Cues, Loops and Quantize. And now DJs are using it on their iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, Android smartphones and tablets to create playlists and store music. 

The CDJ-2000nexus is compatible with both the included Pioneer rekordbox software, and the rekordbox app– which can be downloaded free from the App Store (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) or Google Play Market (Android devices). The player is Wi-Fi compatible, so – in addition to USB – DJs can connect wirelessly from their laptop, PC, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, Android smartphones and tablets when the player is hard wired to a wireless router. 

NEW! Beat Sync for perfect beat matching every time
Hit the Sync button and the CDJ-2000nexus looks at the rekordbox beat grids of music, on up to four connected players, and snaps them to the beat of the master deck. This amazing feature promises to revolutionise performance, freeing DJs up to get truly creative with loops, cues and scratching, or the samples and effects on their mixer.

High-quality Master Tempo keeps sound faithful to the original 
DJs will be truly impressed with Pioneer’s best-ever quality Master Tempo. The CDJ-2000nexus uses a new algorithm to lock the track’s pitch while they manipulate the tempo, for sound that is more faithful to the original tone. 

NEW! Wave Zoom for even more detailed information 
In addition to the original Wave display, which lets DJs see the peaks and troughs of the music, the CDJ-2000nexus is the first player to have Wave Zoom for even more precision on loops and cues. And the popular needle search – which lets DJs slide their finger along the ribbon to intuitively access any point in the track – is now illuminated for improved visibility in the booth.

Highly evolved features to breathe new life into performance
The CDJ-2000nexus is bursting with exciting new and improved features that really put the joy back into performing.

•    Slip Mode: a popular feature on Pioneer’s CDJ-900, Slip Mode silently continues track playback during a loop, reverse or scratch and brings the music back at the right point when the DJ exits the performance.
•    Improved Quantize: Quantize uses the track’s beat grid to ensure loops and cues are set and triggered in time with music, with 100 per cent accuracy. And DJs can now access Quantize via its own dedicated ON/OFF button. 
•    Active Loop: DJs can use rekordbox to set an Active Loop at the end of tracks to ensure they’re never caught unprepared again. The CDJ-2000nexus will even display a beat countdown to that point.
•    Hot Cue auto load: instantly loads up to three pre-set Hot Cues when a track is loaded onto the player.
•    Emergency Loop: if the player becomes disconnected from the source, the CDJ-2000nexus automatically goes into a four-beat loop, which DJs can scratch or mix into another source.
•    Last track played: DJs can use the dial to easily navigate backwards through the last five tracks loaded on a player.
•    Rating on the go: rate and change the ratings of tracks during performance, and it will be automatically synched with rekordbox.

Improved track information to make mixing a breeze
The CDJ-2000nexus automatically displays even more information on its large LCD screen.

•    Beat Countdown: DJs can use rekordbox to mark key points on a track, and the CDJ-2000nexus counts down to them from up to 64 bars away. 
•    Phase Meter: DJs can see the position of the beat in the bar and compare the phase with the master deck on each player at a glance.
•    Key Analysis Indicator: this browse feature known as the ‘traffic light system’ shows you which songs are in a compatible musical key with the master deck and, when used with Master Tempo, ensures harmonised mixes every time.

Sharper screen and improved browsing

The new player inherits the 6.1-inch full colour LCD screen from the CDJ-2000. Browsing and selecting music is even easier; DJs can choose how they view tracks – list, artwork, or custom view – and scroll through using the large rotary dial.

My Settings function for immediate access to personal preferences
DJs can access their personal preferences on any CDJ-2000nexus thanks to My Settings. The player automatically detects settings that have been selected in rekordbox – including Quantize ON/OFF and Master Tempo ON/OFF – for a customised DJ booth in seconds.

High-quality sound and improved LAN port

The CDJ-2000nexus boasts professional quality audio circuitry, and a built-in 24-bit/48 kHz sound card, for a clear, powerful sound even at club volumes. A precision engineered Wolfson DAC, which plays master quality audio files up to 24 bit/48 kHz, reduces jitter, while the player’s signal-to-noise ratio of 115dB ensures incredibly accurate sound reproduction. 

A new IEC connection allows a more professional power connection for improved sound quality.
In addition the improved LAN port design is more robust and now makes it impossible to plug in the wrong cable.

Stylish, robust design and familiar layout
The CDJ-2000nexus inherits its design and layout from its club-standard predecessor – but with a few improvements. The metal colour jog wheel and pots give the unit a more premium look, while the anti-scratch panel keeps it looking sleek and new. And white illumination ensures a contemporary look and high visibility in the booth.

Other features

•    Improved jog wheel tension dial 
•    Control various DJ software via MIDI/HID control 
•    Pro DJ link enables sharing source with up to four players connected by LAN cable
•    Supports MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF music files

* A wireless router is required for this connection


  • Playable media    iPhone 4GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, IPhone 3G/ iPad 3rd generation/ iPod Touch 4th and 3rd generation
  • Android phone/Android tablet, etc.
  • USB storage devices (flash memory/HDD, etc.)
  • SD memory cards
  • Computers (Mac/Windows PC)
  • Audio CD, CD-R/RW, DVD±R/RW/R-DL
  • Playable files    MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF
  • (iOS version of “rekordboxTM” enable to playback only MP3 and AAC)
  • USB storage support file systems    FAT, FAT32,HFS+
  • Frequency response    4 Hz ~ 20 kHz
  • S/N ratio    115dB or more
  • Total harmonic distortion    0.0018% or less
  • USB ports    USB A port ×1, USB B port ×1
  • Audio output ports    AUDIO OUT(RCA)×1, DIGITAL OUT(COAXIAL)×1
  • Other ports      LAN(100Base-TX)×1, CONTROL(φ3.5 mm mini plug)×1
  • Audio output voltage    2.0 V rms
  • Power use    220 - 240V (50 Hz/60 Hz)
  • Electricity consumption    37 W
  • Max. external dimensions     320 mm (W) × 405.7 mm (D) × 106.5 mm (H)
  • Weight    4.7 kg

  • rekordbox™ music management software (included)
  • Supported OS    Mac OS®X 10.5.8, 10.6 or 10.7
  • Windows®7 Home Premium/Professional/Ultimate
  • Windows Vista® Home Basic/Home Premium/ Ultimate/Business (SP2 and above)
  • Windows® XP Home Edition/Professional (SP3 and above)
  • (*Windows® XP Professional x64 edition is not supported)
  • Playable files    MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF

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